Who’s that smiling guy?


Hi there! I’m Ben, the one on the right. I’m a pretty normal guy that excessively opens his mouth when he laughs. I really like to laugh. I also really like quiet things like rain and snow and libraries. I think whimsical, mystical, magical things are pretty neat, like Bob Goff and celestial whales and the Patronus charm.

I also think small things are good, little moments and little people. Not just babies and children and dwarfs, but people who are small enough to see the sweetness in any moment. In some odd way I think Jesus was like that, the humble God. So when I write I try to see the small moments, the little grace here and there. Cause, at least for me, that’s what makes life, well, whimsical, mystical, maybe even magical. It sure makes it worth living.

Thanks for stopping by. I pray God seems a little more present here.

With joy and scars,

Ben Behnen


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